Surgical Simulation Centre for Large Animals – CSCGA

(scientific coordinator at INRAE: D. Val-Laillet; scientific and pedagogic coordinator at Rennes University-Hospital: A. Arnaud; responsible for the pig facilities UE3P outside NuMeCan: E. Delamaire).

The CSCGA is a training and simulation device/facility for pig model surgery piloted jointly by INRAE and the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Rennes, in partnership with the University Hospital of Rennes. The INRAE Brittany Normandy Center via the Experimental Unit of Pig Physiology and Phenotyping (UE3P) located in Saint Gilles provides CSCGA with the necessary means: surgical blocks, animal facilities, animals and skills dedicated to the pig model (conventional pig and Yucatan miniature pig).

The objectives of the CSCGA are: 1) To train medical students, interns and clinicians at the University Hospital of Rennes using procedural simulation on pig models to teach them new skills or improve procedures in surgery and other interventional disciplines; 2) To offer surgical training or interventional disciplines to a wider audience, including students and clinicians from other academic and/or hospital institutions, or even an audience from the medical industry and health technologies; 3) To supervise the establishment of collaborative projects between INRAE, INSERM, the University and the University Hospital of Rennes, or other public and private institutions, in the field of experimental surgery on pig models ; if the use of anatomical or functional imaging is required, the scientific coordinators of the CSCGA will take care of the interactions with the different components of the PRISM platform.

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