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F-35590 Saint-Gilles, France




• Neurosciences
• Behavioural Sciences & Psychology
• Human Nutrition
• Functional Imaging
• Immunohistochemistry

Research topics and scientific objectives

• Understand the multisensory integration mechanisms as well as the cognitive and brain processes involved in the control of eating behaviours
• Study diet-induced obesity and its consequences on brain functions, eating behaviours and health
• Explore and validate innovative therapeutic and preventive strategies to fight against obesity, food addiction and/or eating disorders
• Characterise, validate and promote the minipig model for research in nutrition and health in humans

Education and main positions held

• 01/2024: Senior Research Director (DR1) at INRAE.

• 2023-now: Deputy Chief of the Human Nutrition (AlimH) Division at INRAE.

• 2022-now: Deputy Director of the CRNH-Ouest (Centre de Recherche en Nutrition Humaine de l’Ouest).

• 2022-now: Co-responsible for the EAT team of the NuMeCan Institute (Inrae/Inserm/Univ Rennes 1).

• 2017-2021: Director of the UMR 1341 NuMeCan Inrae/Univ Rennes 1; Deputy Director of the NuMeCan Institute (Inrae, Inserm, Univ Rennes 1), France.

• 01/2017: Research Director (DR2) at INRAE.

• 2013-2017: Director of the ADNC research department. INRA, UR1341 ADNC, F-35590 St Gilles, France.

• 2007-present: Research scientist (senior) in Behavioural Sciences and Neurosciences applied to Human Nutrition and Health. INRA, UR1341 ADNC, F-35590 St Gilles, France.

• 2006-2007: Post-doctoral scientist in Behavioural Sciences and Neurosciences applied to Human Nutrition and Health. INRA, UMR1078 SENAH, F-35590 St Gilles, France.

• 2005-2006: Research Fellow in Animal Behaviour and Welfare. Expert in charge of governmental reports on animal welfare. AAFC, Pacific Agrifood Research Centre, Agassiz, British Columbia V0M 1A0, Canada.

• 2001-2004: Doctoral thesis in Life and Health Sciences. INRA, UMR6175 PRC, F-37380 Nouzilly, France – University François Rabelais, Tours, France.

• 2000-2001: Master in Behavioural Biology. University of Paris XIII, France.

Current projects


• CEMOV: “Neurofeedback to improve the control of eating behavior in normal-weight volunteers with emotional overeating”.

• CADOB: “Neurofeedback to improve the control of eating behavior in obese patients with food addiction”.

• AddictO: Research collaboration CHU CORECT / Inrae – “Exploration of the neurocognitive processes involved in food addiction in obese patients: Towards the definition of innovative biomarkers for prevention and clinical practice”.

• Hed-O-Shift: Priority Action of the INRA Human Nutrition Division – “Palatable foods and neural plasticity: The shift in reward and cognitive processes”.



• SMARTPILL: NIH-funded research collaboration project with Carnegie Mellon Institute, USA, “Preclinical validation in the pig model of an ingestible electronic device to modulate vagal and brain activity non-invasively”.

• ACUPIG: Franco-Chinese research collaboration – “Description of the neurophysiological, behavioural, and brain responses to electroacupuncture in the minipig model: Targeting the gut-brain axis to fight agains obesity”.

• SARCOPIG: Preclinical study – “A minipig model to study denutrition and sarcopenia”.

• Industrial research collaboration: Inrae/Phodé – “Impact of functional food ingredients to the microbiote-gut-brain axis and behaviour responses in a pig model of chronic psychosocial stress.”



• A minipig model of hepatic transplantation to investigate innovative strategies of liver graft preservation: PHOENIX project funded by the European Union’s Horizon Europe Research and Innovation programme, “Nanomedicine for organ transplantation tolerance”; SEABELIVER project, industrial collaboration, “Exploration of the effectiveness of a regulated necrosis inhibitor in a pig model of liver surgery and transplantation”.

• A minipig model of uterine transplantation.

• Development of fMRI paradigm to evaluate the cortical stimulation of auditory areas in a minipig model of electroacoustic cochlear implant.

Selected publications


Investigating the sub-threshold spectrum of food addiction in relationship with impairment and distress: a dimensional analysis in patients with severe obesity.

Constant, A., Som, M., Val-Laillet, D., Moirand, R., Thibault, R. 2024. Journal of Addictive Diseases. IF 2.065


The Yucatan minipig model: a new preclinical model of malnutrition in obese patients with acute or chronic diseases.

Couvert, A., Lacaze, L., Touboulic, S., Gautier, S., Guérin, S., Randuineau, G., Romé, V., Malbert, C.H., Val-Laillet, D., Derbré, F., Ronan Thibault. Clinical Nutrition. DOI:10.1016/j.clnu.2023.12.003. IF 7.045


Hypothermic machine perfusion preservation: A proof of concept for uterus transplantation.

Dion, L., Sousa, C., Boudjema, K. Val-Laillet, D., Jaillard, S., Rioux-Leclercq, N., Flecher, E., Lavoué, V. 2023. Fertility and Sterility, 120 (6). DOI:10.1016/j.fertnstert.2023.08.020. IF 7.490


Development of a functional dairy snack containing oleoylethanolamide than reduces food intake in normal-weight and obese minipigs.

Boudry, G., Mennella, I., Menard, O., Janvier, R., Nogret, I., Madadlou, A., Cahu, A., Le Normand, L., Bobillier-Chaumont, E., Ferracane, R., Vitaglione, P., Dupont, D., Val-Laillet, D. 2023. Journal of Functional Foods, 111, 105916. DOI:10.1016/j.jff.2023.105916. IF 5.223


Emotional overeating affected nine in ten female students during the COVID-19 University closure: A cross-sectional study in France.

Constant, A., Fortier, A., Serrand, Y., Bannier, E., Moirand, R., Thibault, R., Coquery, N., Godet, A., Val-Laillet, D. 2023. PLoS ONE 18(8): e0286439. DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0286439. IF 3.752


Subjective feeling of control during fNIRS-based neurofeedback targeting the DL-PFC is related to neural activation determined with short-channel correction.

Godet, A., Serrand, Y., Fortier, A., Léger, B., Bannier, E., Val-Laillet, D., Coquery, N. 2023. PLoS ONE. 18(8):e0290005. eCollection 2023. PMID: 37585456. DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0290005. IF 3.752


Exposure to a sensory functional ingredient in the pig model modulates the blood-oxygen-level dependent brain responses to food odor and acute stress during pharmacological MRI in the frontostriatal and limbic circuits. Briard, E., Serrand, Y., Dahirel, P., Janvier, R., Noirot, V., Etienne, P., Coquery, N., Eliat, P.A., Val-Laillet, D. 2023. Frontiers in Nutrition. DOI: 10.3389/fnut.2023.1123162. IF 6.590


Exploration of fMRI brain responses to oral sucrose stimulation after Roux-en-Y gastric bypass in obese Yucatan minipigs in relationship with microbiota and metabolomic profiles using integrative analysis with co-expression network analysis.

Bergeat, D., Coquery, N., Gautier, Y., Clotaire, S., Vincent, E., Romé, V., Guérin, S., Le Huërou-Luron, I., Blat, S., Thibault, R., Val-Laillet, D. 2023. Clinical Nutrition. DOI: 10.1016/j.clnu.2023.01.015. IF 7.045


Interactions between emotions and eating behaviors: Main issues, neuroimaging contributions, and innovative preventive or corrective strategies.

Godet, A., Fortier, A., Bannier, E., Coquery, N., Val-Laillet, D. 2022. Reviews in Endocrine and Metabolic Disorders. DOI: 10.1007/s11154-021-09700-x. IF 5.516


High visceral fat is associated with lower overall and disease-free survivals after curative liver resection for intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma.

Lacaze, L., Bergeat, D., Merdrignac, A., Rousseau, C., Sulpice, L., Val-Laillet, D., Boudjema, K., Thibault, R. 2022. Nutrition and Cancer. 75(1):339-348. DOI: 10.1080/01635581.2022.2117387. IF 3.095


Acute effects of different electroacupuncture point combinations to modulate the gut-brain-axis in the minipig model.

Zhang, X., Guérin, S., Launay, Y., Serrand, Y., Coquery, N., Val-Laillet, D. 2022. Eating and Weight Disorders. 2022:4384693. DOI: 10.1155/2022/4384693. IF 4.652.


The Yucatan minipig model: A new experimental approach to explore low-calorie/low-protein diet-induced sarcopenia.

Lacaze, L., Rochdi, S., Couvert, A., Touboulic, S., Guérin, S., Randuineau, G., Martin, D., Romé, V., Malbert, C.H., Derbré, F., Val-Laillet, D.#, Thibault, R.# 2022. Clinical Nutrition. 41(10):2077-2086. DOI: 10.1016/j.clnu.2022.08.002. IF 7.045


Brain responses to food choices and decisions depend on individual hedonic profiles and eating habits in healthy young women.

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Le régime occidental, l’obésité et la chirurgie bariatrique modulent l’anxiété, les habitudes alimentaires et la réponse cérébrale au goût sucré.

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Obesity animal models for acupuncture and related therapy researches.

Zhang, X., Val-Laillet, D. 2021. Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine. Volume 2021, Article ID 6663397. DOI: 10.1155/2021/6663397. IF 2.629


A pilot study about the development and characterization of a Roux-en-Y gastric bypass model in obese Yucatan minipigs.

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Food addiction among morbidly obese patients: Prevalence and links with obesity complications.

Som, M., Constant, A., Zayani, T., Le Pabic, E., Moirand, R., Val-Laillet, D., Thibault, R. 2021. J Addic Dis, Jun 14;1-8. DOI: 10.1080/10550887.2021.1939630. IF 1.762


Contrasted central effects of n-3 versus n-6 diets on brain functions in diet-induced obesity in minipigs.

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Single bilateral ovarian venous return in uterine transplant: Validation in an orthotopic auto-transplant model in the Yucatan minipig.

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Meeting of minds around food addiction: Insights from addiction medicine, nutrition, psychology, and neurosciences.

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Hypothesis paper: Electroacupuncture targeting the gut-brain axis to modulate neurocognitive determinants of eating behaviour – Toward a proof of concept in the obese minipig model.

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Western diet, obesity and bariatric surgery sequentially modulated anxiety, eating patterns and brain responses to sucrose in adult Yucatan minipigs.

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Query response: The importance of adequate oxygenation during hypothermic machine perfusion.

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A maternal Western diet during gestation and lactation modifies offspring’s microglial cell density and morphology in the hippocampus and prefrontal cortex in Yucatan minipigs.

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Addition of the oxygen carrier M101 to a cold storage solution as an alternative to hypothermic oxygenated machine perfusion to improve pig liver grafts preservation.

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Regular exposure to a Citrus-based sensory functional ingredient alleviates the BOLD brain responses to acute pharmacological stress in a pig model of psychosocial chronic stress.

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Neuromodulatory and possible anxiolytic-like effects of a spice functional food ingredient in a pig model of psychosocial chronic stress.

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Apport de l’imagerie cérébrale pour étudier les préférences alimentaires.

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Depressive symptoms are related to Boredom Proneness in patients receiving hospital care, regardless of alcohol status, lifestyle or social support.

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